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Portrait of Bella Hoare in her art studio

A hidden horticultural gem nestled deep in the idyllic Wiltshire countryside, Gasper Cottage offers a modern, innovative take on the classic English country garden. Created by artist Bella Hoare, the garden skilfully plays with colour, form, and texture while also demonstrating a deep-rooted connection to the surrounding landscape.

The 1 ½ acres contain dense, luxuriant borders, a meadow orchard, forest garden, and wildlife pond, all maintained to an exceptional standard with sensitivity and intelligence. Self-seeding is a friend rather than foe, helping to strike a pleasing balance between wild, natural beauty and cultivated order.

The result is an accomplished garden teeming with life and vitality, and an example of top-level horticulture at its best. What sets Gasper Cottage apart, however, is the spirit of curiosity at its core. Its borders are a place of ceaseless experimentation, its layout and function constantly reassessed, and its practical management analysed closely. A restless striving for better, new, different underpins everything here, making it almost certain no two visits will be the same.

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