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Studio Garden

The organic curves of the brick-lined paths separate the colourful, dense planting into three main segments around the studio, with a circular pond and octagonal timber-framed greenhouse mirroring one another in size and shape.

The shady area along the back of the barn is lush with hostas, ferns and other choice foliage specialities, with Malus x robusta 'Red Sentinel' and Cornus kousa 'China Girl' providing height. The middle area has a spine of shrubs, grasses, and statuesque perennials, including kolkowizia, black-leaved elder, low-growing willow, and cardoons. The outer section contains a tapesty of perennials mixed with annuals and dahlias, some of which are repeated in the Railway Garden below to achieve a sense of cohesion. Groupings of colourfully-stemmed cornus add winter colour, and the view beyond is framed by the slender form of a fastigiate liquidambar. Plans are currently afoot to create a wall smothered in lush, flowering climbers along the boundary.

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